Training with UK Cannabis Clinic

As a part of our ongoing commitment to training healthcare professionals in the use of cannabinoids we have created our online training.

This training gives a background to allow those selling food supplements containing cannabinoids to give the right information  to those looking for advice.

It allows healthcare professionals to demonstrate regulatory compliance with the MHRA, Home Office, GPhC, GMC and the NPA. It helps them understand the complex legal classification of cannabinoids and assists them in decision making when selecting compliant product ranges.

Our training covers.

  • Assessing pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic drug interactions
  • Disease groups and mechanisms of actions of cannabinoids.
  • Demonstrate a compliant supply mechanism
  • Patient councelling using WWHAM
  • The metabolic pathway for elimination of cannabinoids

Sucessful completion of the training results in a training certificate.

Once completed UK Cannabis Clinic staff  can access further face to face training as a “lunch and learn’ session.