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In recent days we have been repeatedly approached by pharmacists who have “letters of comfort”, “legal opinions” and  “manufacturer assurances” surrounding the NPA statement.

We are more than aware that there are multiple providers providing public indemnity insurance to pharmacists, many different buying groups and trade representatives groups – other than the NPA.
It is our very clear opinion, being in this marketplace (and members of the profession), that if the NPA clearly state that an activity will not be insurable – or indicating that standards need to be followed in excess of existing basic standards (in order to be insurable), then other insurance companies will fall in behind them.

The NPA have the longest experience providing insurance to pharmacists and as the experts in this field rarely make statements that are not carefully researched, based in the law and backed by the more experienced law firms and insurance adjusters in our industry.
Looking historically at processes and standards, the GPhC are often aligned on matters of this nature, and that certainly seems to be the rapid direction of travel in this industry. 

Any pharmacist or superintendent unaware of the significant risk posed by not following the NPA guidance, in preference to an independent lawyer sponsored by a manufacturer is taking their professional indemnity to the very edge and should be prepared to defend their position to the regulator, should there be an event.

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