Canidol (Dispensing Only)

CANIDOL is a prescribed purified cannabidiol product.

CANIDOL is produced as a novel product with a structured and consistant purity. It is supplied exclusively by  CANIDOL Pharmaceutics through UK Cannabis Clinics

It is a single molecule cannabidiol only product, derived entirely from natural sources developed using traditional methods.

It is independently verified to contain no trace of THC and is presented in a low flavour inert base.

Available In

CANIDOL is provided in 10ml bottles containing:

  • 250mg of purified cannabidiol
  • 500mg of purified cannabidiol
  • 1000mg of purified cannabidiol

This is identified by assay to be:


This is purported to be the active ingredient in a number of licensed cannabis-based medicines.


CANIDOL is the only product on the UK market, not licensed as a medicine, which is suitable for prescribing and dispensing – due to advanced provision of technical file, certificate of analysis and clinical training.

CANIDOL is not provisioned for retail sale. It can only be provided to patient by use of a prescriber or pharmacy directive.


Our dosing method allows for a range of 12.5mg to 200mg up to three times a day.

In order to be a stockist of CANIDOL  you must be registered as a UK Cannabis Clinic.