Patient Access

Access to cannabis-based products will vary widely on conditions and your health. It is important to get the right advice at the outset.

From a patient perspective you may have heard about cannabis products – sold all over the world – as a cure for almost any disease.

At CANIDOL Pharmaceutics, we take a dim view of claims made without science behind them.

In our own researches, and testing, purchasing a food supplement containing cannabis can range from completely ineffective, to highly dangerous – with limited control over the safety and standardization of the products available.

CANIDOL Pharmaceutics is dedicated to research into the safety and efficacy of single molecule refined cannabinoids, starting with Cannabidiol.

Only in this way can we gather the data to provide safe and effective treatments to patients for generations to come.

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If you have looked at the research and would like to take part, please fill in the contact form below to book a consultation appointment as a patient.