CANIDOL Pharmaceutics is a group of organisations in the healthcare, research and pharmacy sector. Establishing and pioneering products to help give access to a wide range of high quality pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid-based products.

The products are not for general sale. They’re recommended or prescribed by healthcare professionals  registered with UK Cannabis Clinic.

Canidol Phamaceutics are constantly evolving to provide the best care for patients.

UK Cannabis Clinic

UK Cannabis Clinic is a service for the medical and pharmacy community to help with the supply, education and information relating to the supply of Cannabis products. The company provides help training and support to medical professionals.

CANIDOL Products

Canidol is a pure cannabidiol product produced as a novel product with a structured and consistant purity. The product is supplied by Canidol Pharmaceutics

The range includes full spectrum retail products and potent single molecule prescription products. Derived entirely from natural sources developed using traditional methods.

It is independently verified to contain no trace of THC and is presented in a low flavour inert base.


Canidol Current Research

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Chronic Fatigue and Auto Immune

Our aim is to retrospectively analyse patient events, where supply events have occurred to patients who have pain caused by an underlying inflammatory disease.

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Bowel Disease IBD

Our aim in this arm of the research is to capture patients with self-reported conditions, currently on no or standard therapy, and see whether cannabidiol provides a safe extension to the period of remission.

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Inflammatory Pain Conditions

Our aim is to capture data from patients who have switched from THC containing cannabis products, to non-THC cannabis products – and determine if the efficacy and symptom control are similar.

Canidol used for Multiple Sclerosis
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Multiple Sclerosis

Our aim is to capture data from patients who have switched from THC containing cannabis products, to non-THC cannabis products – and determine if the efficacy and symptom control are similar.

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Hospice Care

Currently, a reportedly huge problem facing hospices and oncology wards worldwide, is that patients are obtaining illegal cannabis preparations and taking them into hospital.

Canidol used in Paediatric patients
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Pediatric Use

The aim of this set of research is not to determine efficacy, but to determine if there is a dose/side effect profile in paediatric patients under the direct care of a consultant paediatrician.

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Oncology and Cancer

Under the direction of our consultant oncologists, the aim is to examine data based on supplies of cannabinoids made to patients - using standardised dosing - extrapolated from in-vitro studies.

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Historical Research

Our aim is to capture data from patients who have switched from THC containing cannabis products, to non-THC cannabis products – and determine if the efficacy and symptom control are similar.

Knowledgebase and training

Training and knowledge are important to us.

In order to make appropriate clinical decisions, health professionals should complete an appropriate training on potential pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic interactions.

While none of our products make any medical claims, health professionals must complete relevant training on the medical condition’s patients will present with.

While Cannabidiols are natural and safe to use, they can potentially affect other medications patients may be taking.


What Canidol
patients say

Does CBD help Arthritis?

While at College, Rick was a semi-pro soccer player at Swindon Town and this sport was a key through out his time up to his mid forties. He played representative soccer in the RAF and, also, Rugby, Squash, and Badminton. Nearing the end of his service career he took up sub-aqua and led an expedition to the Ascension Isles. Rick, in his own words believes his sporting career, "basically wrecked his ankles, knees and shoulders".  Indeed, when he left the RAF in 2001 he was advised that he needed 2 new knees. His left knee (on which he had a major operation) still has an unreconstructed ACL and he has had an Arthroscopy on both knees (right knee twice)! He has arthritis in his knees, shoulders (rugby injuries) and pain in his ankles. This gives some of his background to set the scene for Rick's use of Canidol today. Arthritis and CBD - Rick's story

When did you first discover CBD?

I learnt of CBD oil from my son Rory in October 2019.

When did you have a consultation/start using CBD?

I had a cannabis oil consultation with Janine on 7 November 2019, when I was cleared to use the oil. I presently take a dose of around 80 mg per day, 30mg in morning and 50mg in the evening, from a 50mg ml bottle.

When did you notice changes/improvements in your symptoms?

I started around the 20 November 2019 and the beneficial effect was virtually immediate. My knees had given me terrible grief and I had got used to taking paracetamol to take the edge off the pain. Taking, even short walks - especially when an arthritis attack kicked in - was dreadful. I walked with (or always took with me) a walking stick when I was out from the house and difficulty (painful on the left) of raising my arms in the air. Also, I have a lower back weight-lifting injury.

What’s life like now? (Compared to before taking CBD?)

I no longer take paracetamol and have given to walking around a local lake (when I still take a long highland stick as the bank is uneven); however, for short trips out, shopping etc., I do not need a stick. I can raise my arms above my head and the back hurts less. I always sleep well. I still do have problems but CBD has, generally, made a world of difference in my life. Find out how you can access Canidol CBD products and services for your own use – book a consultation here.

Does CBD help Arthritis?

Does CBD help EDS?

Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are a group of conditions that cause very flexible joints and stretchy and fragile skin. Common symptoms of Ehlers-Danlos syndromes include unusually flexible joints and skin that stretches and breaks easily. Ehlers-Danlos syndromes are often inherited from your parents.  There's no cure for Ehlers-Danlos syndromes. We spoke to Hayley, one of our patients who takes Canidol CBD for her Ehlers Danlos Syndrome to find out more about her CBD journey and help share her experience with anyone looking at the benefits of taking CBD for EDS. Hayley living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

When did you first discover CBD?

January 2020

What was your reason for arranging consultation/starting CBD? (What was your diagnosis?)

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome...fatigue and joint pain

When did you notice changes/improvements in your symptoms?

Around 6 weeks

Has your dosage changed and with this have you noticed further changes in symptoms?

Yes, I started at a low dose 4 drops of the 50mg and I’m now on 60mg three times a day after eating.

What's life like now? (Compared to before taking CBD?)

I sleep more deeply on a night time and wake in less pain. Ideally, I should have started on a higher dose to enable me to see results far quicker. However, the results have been remarkable. CANIDOL is a prescribed purified cannabidiol product. It can only be provided to patient by use of a prescriber or pharmacy directive. Find out how you can access Canidol CBD products and services for your own use -  book a consultation here.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

I can't tell you the difference this has made to me. Lack of sleep was causing me to loose focus and I was less productive. I felt irritable and grumpy. After using my Canidol twice a day I started to gradually return to a normal pattern of sleep. Now I don't dread night time.

Sleep issues

Canidol have a great range of products and a knowledgeable team to answer any questions you may have. Its nice to actually be able to get some real advice.


I have started to use CBD Oil to help combat my issues with sleep. There is no reason for my insomnia and I was getting side effects from using other medications. Literally after using a dose morning and night I was sleeping a good 6-7 hours. For me this is life changing. .  

Sleep issues

My reason for trying this was the ongoing shoulder and neck pain I was suffering. I drive for a living so it was really difficult. I took CBD oil previously and wasn't impressed so I was sceptical. I now understand the dosing and have the right product.

Neck pain

Reported conditions

Our patients have taken or have been prescribed cannabinoids for a great number of diseases.  These include:

  • Epilepsy / anti-seizure
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • ALS
  • Arthritis
  • Lyme Disease
  • Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis
  • ME and associated conditions
  • Certain Cancers
  • Mental Health
  • Diabetes
  • Acne
  • Sleep disorders
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Parkinson’s